2022 Dog and Cat Licenses

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Dog and cat owners can now obtain 2022 pet licenses. The fee for the license is $10.00 per neutered/spayed animals and $15.00 for un-neutered/un-spayed animals. Three or four pets in any one household requires a Pet Fancier’s License which costs $10.00 in addition to the individual licenses. A Kennel License is required for more than four pets; contact the Village offices for more information on the Kennel License.
Village ordinance requires proof of rabies vaccinations for all cats and dogs. If you have licensed your pet in the past, and the rabies vaccination is still good, you do not need to submit proof – we have it on file. However, if this is a new license, or if your animal was vaccinated in the last year, please provide the certificate from the veterinarian. After March 31, a $10.00 penalty is assessed for each animal, and added to the license fee. If you are requesting licenses by mail or dropbox, please submit your payment and rabies certificate with a license application form.
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