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recycle info Union Grove 2019 (2)



Paper / Cardboard Products

Accepting Newspapers / Magazines / Paper Bags / Catalogs / Mail Circulars / Envelopes / Office Paper / Telephone Books / Flattened Cardboard Boxes / Flattened Pizza Boxes / Flattened Cereal Boxes / Flattened Food Boxes / Flattened Beer And Soda Cases / And Any Other Type Of Flattened Cardboard, Shredded Paper, Paper Egg Cartons.

Glass: Bottles And Jars

Accepting Clear / Brown / Green Bottles And Jars Only – Please Be Sure To Rinse To Keep Insects Away

Aluminum Containers / Cans

Soda / Beer / Juice / Etc. Cans – Please Rinse To Keep Insects Away

Tin And Bi-Metal Containers / Cans

Soup / Vegetable / Juice / Coffee / Etc. – Please Rinse To Keep Rodents And Insects Away

Plastic Containers / Bottles #1 Thru #6

Soda / Beer / Milk / Laundry Soap / Ketchup / Mustard / Salad Dressing / Etc. – Please Rinse To Keep Rodents And Insects Away

Yard Waste

 Will be picked up on the last Friday of the month April thru November. Yard waste must be in an open container or brown recycle bag only, IF IT IS IN PLASTIC BAGS, IT WILL NOT BE PICKED UP!

Tree Branches and limbs

Will be picked up the last week of the month, when putting out branches please put the cut end towards the street and keep the branches 6 ft or longer.



T.V. Disposal


Quarterly Tire Drop-off

Last Saturday of the quarter, tires can be dropped off at the Village Public Works Department between the hours of 8 am – 11 am.  All tires must be off of the rims.