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Recycling information for a greener Union Grove:

When recycling paper and cardboard it should go in a in or clear plastic bag Paper recycling bins items that can be recycled are junk mail ,pizza boxes,catalogs,beer and soda boxes should be flattened cereal boxes should also be flattened ,cardboard boxes should be flattened,shredded papers and paper bags . In Another bin or clear plastic bag glass, aluminum ,tin and plastic containers Make sure containers are washed out and free of liquids Things that don’t belong in the recycling bins; Motor oil containers,antifreeze containers,styrofoam,dirty diapers,window glass ,.herbicide and pesticide containers. Those items go in the garbage. Plastic bags can be dropped off at a plastic bag drop off. Please do not put them in your recycling bin. On a windy day place  recyclables in clear plastic bags one for glass,metal,and plastic and the other clear plastic bag for paper and cardboard.    Any questions call ASDA at 262 539 2086       Did you know that recyclable items that are not separated from the trash end up in the landfill!
Water Conservation:  
Find and fix any water leaks inside and outside.  Besides costing you a lot more money, water is just being wasted! When outside use a hose with a nozzle to water your flowers, garden or grass.  When washing a car, don’t let the water run, make sure you have the nozzle to stop the water!  When brushing your teeth, turn off the water, when shaving fill the sink with water and just rinse the razor.  When doing dishes, if using a dishwasher make sure it is filled up, when washing in the sink just fill the sink with soap and water, do not leave the water running.  Not only will these few tips save water it will also save you money on your water bill!

Electric Conservation:
First and utmost turn off the lights when leaving a room!!  Turn down the thermostat, and turn off televisions and/or radios that no one is using!  You will save money and energy!

Recycling Tips:
Remember to put commingled items; cleaned out, plastics, bottles, cans etc. into one bin and paper, cardboard, newspaper etc. into another. Please be sure to put your trash into your trash container and not into you recycle bin.

Fun facts on Recycling: 

Americans use 2,500,000 plastic bottles every hour remember to put them with your commingled glass, cans and plastics bin.  Americans also use 85,000,000 tons of paper a year ;about 650 pounds of paper per person. Most of it consists of junk mail and packaging. So do your part and put it in the paper recycling bin. Remember to break down all cardboard containers before putting them out for recycling

Dog Park and walking your dog information:

You should be picking up after your dog when you are walking your dog or visiting the dog park. Why? Well it is gross to see dog waste left not picked up it doesn’t dissolve  by itself. There are a lot of diseases and parasites in dog waste. Did you know? It bad for your dog when they come in contact with the waste by rolling in it step in it etc. It is very unpleasant by all means.Did you know it is against the law to not pick up after your dog ! You could be fined .So pick up after your dog to avoid spreading disease and possible being fined So next time you go for a walk grab a plastic bag and when you visit the dog park they are provided there.So do your part and pick up after your dog!
Winter means snow and ice: 

Please slow down when conditions are poor and always watch for children either coming to or going from school.

Stay alert:

Make sure your vehicles, houses, garages and sheds are all locked.  Keep all packages out of site.  Always be aware of your surroundings!  Call 911 for an emergency and in a non-emergency situation call 262-886-2300


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Think GREEN for a Greener Union Grove!