Snow Emergency Declared: 10PM on Jan. 30 through 10PM on Jan. 31

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A Snow Emergency has been declared in the Village of Union Grove beginning at 10:00 p.m., Saturday, January 30, 2021, and remains in effect until 10:00 p.m., Sunday, January 31, 2021. During a Snow Emergency, no parking is allowed upon any public street, highway, or alley within the Village for the duration of the snow emergency, except for vehicles loading or unloading passengers or property for a period not to exceed 15 minutes and provided that no other parking restriction is violated thereby.

Any vehicle parked on any public right-of-way during a winter storm emergency may be towed by or at the direction of any law enforcement officer, or by or at the direction of any snow plow operator who has been directed by a law enforcement officer to tow any vehicles that impede plowing or deicing. A towed vehicle’s owner shall be responsible for the costs of towing and storing such vehicle. Additionally or in lieu of towing, the vehicle’s owner may be cited, with all towing and storage costs, if any, added to the forfeiture.

Parking Available in Public Lots

Parking is available in the public parking lots during the snow emergency:

  • The north lot is located on the east side Vine St., between 10th and 11th Ave.
  • The south lot is located on Vine St., between 12th and 13th Ave.

Note parking in the public lots is limited to 24 hours.

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