Updates to Village Sign Codes

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On September 13, the Village Board adopted an ordinance that revises the Village’s sign regulations and relaxes the permitting process for downtown businesses. The ordinance was adopted after a public hearing was held by the Plan Commission earlier that evening.

The adopted ordinance eliminates the downtown-specific sign requirements that were established to maintain a certain style and character in the downtown area by limiting light, colors, size and location of signs. Downtown businesses are now subject to the same sign regulations that apply to the rest of the Village and no longer are required to get approved from the Community Development Authority on signage.

The ordinance also makes the following changes to the Village-wide sign requirements:

  • Increases the size of ground signs from 25 square feet per face on the property line to 32 square feet and will allow a maximum size of 40 square feet when the sign is five feet or more from the property line; any sign over 40 square feet would require approval from the Plan Commission.
  • Increases the size of window signs from a limit of 25% of the window area to 50% of the glass area; it also allows perforated window decals to take up to 100% of the glass area.
  • Removes the fee requirement for temporary banners requiring a permit.

For more information, click here to view the updated sign regulations chart.

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