Village Board Adopts 2020 Budget

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At the regular Village Board meeting on November 11, 2019, the Board held a public hearing on the 2020 Budget and subsequently adopted the budget and the property tax levy. To view the Village Budget document, click here.

The 2020 Budget was prepared over the course of the past three months with involvement from Village staff and Committees. Drafts were reviewed by the Finance Committee on September 26 and October 24, and a draft was reviewed by the full Village Board on October 28.
Following are highlights from the adopted 2020 Budget:
  • Property tax rate (Village portion) remains at $5.92 per $1,000 of assessed value. Most homeowners will not see a change in the Village-portion of their property tax bill.
  • A 5-year road and infrastructure plan is established, with $1.8 million in projects planned for 2020, which includes:
  • Road improvements on Milldrum St. (17th Ave. to 16th Ave.), Ruth Ct. and Lark Ct.
  • Water main improvements within an easement near New St. and 16th Ave.
  • Rehabilitation work on Well #4.
  • Improvements to lift stations on 18th Ave. and 67th Dr.
  • Sanitary sewer work on State St. (14th Ave. to 13th Ave. and an easement south of 16th Ave. near Milldrum St.)
  • Phases II and III of 11th Ave. Storm Sewer Rehabilitation Project.
  • Extension of water and sewer main to 69th Dr. and repairs near Lincolnwood Rd. and Oakhurst Ave.
  • A 5-year equipment replacement plan is established, with $117,350 in expenditures identified for 2020.
  • Creation of a Park Upgrade Plan and creation of a dedicated Recreation and Parks Fund.
  • 2% cost-of-living wage increase budgeted for staff positions (actual wage rates to be set by resolution).
  • 1.4% increase ($6,219) for police protection services provided by Racine County Sheriff’s Department.
  • 0.3% increase ($353) estimated for Village’s portion of the fire department’s 2020 operating budget.
  • 5.7% increase ($12,114) for garbage and recycling collection services from Johns Disposal.
For any questions on the budget, please contact Village Administrator Michael Hawes at or 262-878-1818.