Village Board Appoints Peter Hansen to Vacant Trustee Position

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On November 6, 2019, the Village Board held a special meeting to interview candidates interested in the vacant Village Trustee position. After the interviews, the Board members deliberated and subsequently approved the appointment of Peter Hansen to fill the remainder of the vacant term, which expires in April 2021. Mr. Hansen previously served for 27 years on the Racine County Board (16 years representing Union Grove) and was the chairman of the County Board for seven years. He also served as chairman of the Gateway Technical College board for nine years, chairman for Town/Village of Yorkville for seven years, director of the Wisconsin County Association for seven years and member of the Racine County Children with Disabilities School Board for 10 years. Mr. Hansen served as member of the Union-Grove Fire Department for seven years.

The vacant trustee position was recently held by Alan Jelinek who moved outside of Union Grove on October 5, causing an immediate vacancy on the Village Board. An announcement was published inviting members of the public to submit applications for the position before the deadline of 12 p.m. on October 28. Applications were submitted from the following six individuals: Patrick Brinkman, Jennifer Ditscheit, Adam Graf, Peter Hansen, Tony Hood and Anthony Uebersohn. The interviews and deliberations were held in open session at the Union Grove Municipal Center and members of the public were welcomed to attend. Thank you to all of the individuals who applied for the vacancy.