Village Budget Public Hearing Set for Nov. 22

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A public hearing will be held at the Village Board meeting on November 22 regarding the 2022 Village Budget. The budget was prepared over the course of the past three months with input from Village Committees and staff. Drafts were reviewed by the Finance Committee on October 12 and by the full Board on October 25. Following are highlights from the draft 2022 Budget:
  • The Village property tax levy will decrease by -$8,507 (-0.4%) compared to last year. Property owners will see virtually no change to the Village-portion of their property tax bill (assuming their property assessment increased at the average rate of 21.8% as a result of the re-assessment).
  • 9.3% increase ($16,597) in state transportation aids.
  • 10.3% increase ($15,000) in building permit revenue.
  • No increases to water or sewer utility rates are planned in 2022; an increase of 3.0% to the storm water utility fee is planned for 2022.
  • 10.3% increase ($39,886) in police protection expense per contract with Racine County Sheriff’s Dept. (2022 amount will still be less than 2020 prior to the contract).
  • 27.8% increase ($34,807) in payment to the Union Grove/Yorkville Fire Department for additional staffing needs.
  • 63.6% increase ($19,093) in road maintenance expense.
  • 7.9% increase ($12,360) to garbage and recycling expense to reflect a rate increase of 3.5% and account for 15 additional homes needing services in 2022.
  • $40,216 decrease in health services expense due to the health department becoming a division under the County and being paid from the Racine County budget starting in 2022.
  • 3.0% base wage increase budgeted for staff positions and a -3.0% decrease in health insurance premiums.
Capital Projects Planned for 2022
  • Milldrum St. (18th Ave. to 17th Ave.) road replacement, sidewalks, water main enlarging and looping and lift station reconstruction ($2.6 million), funded in part by American Rescue Plan Act aid (read more about this aid further below).
  • Reconstruct ditch west of Hwy. 45 near Racine County Fairgrounds ($150,000), with partial funding from Racine County and pending DNR grant.
  • Well #4 pump replacement, back-up generator, pump house rehabilitation and valve replacement ($700,000), funded in part by American Rescue Plan Act aid.
  • Purchase of capital equipment planned for 2021 but was not available – one-ton truck and equipment ($100,000), lawn mower trailer ($12,000) and trench box trailer ($15,000).
  • Other planned equipment purchases: zero-turn mower ($15,000), brush mower ($10,000), water utility van and equipment ($100,000) and skid steer trailer ($20,000) and utility software upgrades ($6,000).
To view the full draft of the 2022 Budget, click here.
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