Village Sets 2020 Budget Calendar

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The 2020 Village Budget process kicked off with a Finance Committee meeting on August 1. The Committee reviewed 2019 year-to-date figures and projections for the current year. The Committee discussed budget priorities and recommended a capital improvement plan policy, which lays the framework for new five-year capital plans for costly infrastructure improvements, park upgrades and large equipment purchases. The Committee established the following budget timeline:
  • August 1 – September 30: Staff prepare budget materials and Standing Committees discuss corresponding budgets.
  • Mid-September – Finance Committee reviews initial budget draft.
  • Mid-October – Finance Committee reviews second budget draft.
  • October 21 – Village Board reviews draft budget.
  • October 25 – Village Clerk publishes budget summary and public hearing notice (State statutes require posting at least 15 days before public hearing).
  • November 11 – Public hearing on 2020 Budget / Proposed Village Board adoption of budget.