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When is large item pick-up?
Large Items are now picked up with your normal garbage on your normal day.

When is brush pick-up?
Friday of the last full week of the month

When is recycling?
Please recycle your household materials on your garbage day every week. Please keep paper and cardboard products separate from glass, aluminum, tin and plastic bottles.

What day is my garbage picked up if a holiday falls during the week?
If the holiday falls Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, you will be picked up on the next day. If it falls on Thursday or Friday, there is no change in your schedule.

What is the Library phone number?

What is the Elementary School phone number?

What is the High School phone number?

What is the Food Bank Number?
Arlene Van Ess – 262-853-4144

What is the Chamber of Commerce phone number?

Where do I get a work permit for my child?
At the High School Administration Office – Open all year

Can I pay a fine, water bill, taxes with a credit card?
Yes but you must call, from home, 1-800-272-9829, and when asked, you will need to tell them jurisdiction code 5841.

How do I reach the Village Inspector?
He does not have an office here, but can be reached by phone during normal business hours.  Call Jim DeLuca at 262-210-1741.

Can we burn in the Village?
Yes, open burning is allowed for yard waste only, between the hours of 9:00 am and 7:00 pm. Be sure to stay 10 ft inside your lot line and 25 ft from any building. Fire should be no more than 6 ft in diameter and 3 ft high.