This webpage provides information about current and proposed development projects in Union Grove. Visit the Village Meetings page for information about upcoming meetings of the Village Board, Plan Commission, and Community Development Authority. Also be sure to follow the Village’s newsletters for more news and announcements.

Canopy Hill (S. Colony Ave. and 58th Rd.)

Canopy Hill is a 160-acre multi-use housing development that was originally proposed in 2007 but was delayed due to the recession. Canopy Hill was re-introduced with concept plans in 2019. After considering public feedback on the 2019 plans, a revised concept plan has been developed in 2020. The revised plan consists of 188 single-family lots, 60 duplex two-story townhome units, 8 duplex ranch style townhome units and 60 multi-family rental units (an 83% decrease from 360 multifamily rental units in the 2019 plans). The developers are aiming to “provide a wide array of housing to retain existing residents, attract new residents, foster a resurgence of Downtown Main St. and further bolster a top tier school district.”

Project Updates
October 2020 – A revised concept plan for the proposed Canopy Hill development was presented at a joint meeting of the Village Board, Plan Commission and Community Development Authority on September 8, 2020. The developer has indicated they expect to have materials ready to submit for consideration at the Plan Commission meeting scheduled for December 7. The Joint Review Board is also scheduled to meet on December 7 to have an initial meeting regarding the creation of TID #7, a tax increment financing district that would potentially reimburse infrastructure improvement costs within the new development. The Joint Review Board will also look at how the proposed development would help TID #4 and reimburse the Village for past utility improvements.

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Dunham Grove (69th Dr. east of Shumann Dr.)

In 2018, Pre/3 purchased the western half of the “Fonk property,” a 45-acre parcel located in the southeast corner of Union Grove on 69th Dr., east of Shuman Dr. Dunham Grove will be a residential development consisting of 63 single-family homes and 120 multi-family units (10 buildings with 12 units each). Phase 1 of the project started in fall 2019, and it will be comprised of 23 single-family homes and all of the multi-family units. Phase 2 will be constructed at a future time and will include the remaining 40 single-family homes.

Project Economics
The Village Board approved a development agreement on April 22, 2019. It was subsequently amended on August 26, 2019 to reflect additional sidewalks as recommended by the Plan Commission.  Public hearings and zoning approvals took place at meetings held by the Plan Commission and Village Board in May and June 2019. The development agreement was conditioned upon the creation of a tax incremental financing district (TID #6) to fund the infrastructure needed to serve the development. As part of the agreement, the project will achieve a minimum assessed value of $20.7 million by 2023 and an additional value of $14.2 million by 2029. TID #6 is projected to close by 2040, and an expected $34.8 million will be added to the Village’s property tax base. In addition to adding considerable assessed value and new housing options, the project will result in new water and sewer service to the southeast corner of the Village from Highway 11.

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The Granary (State St. and Mill Ave.)

The Granary development is a 73-unit multi-family development project consisting of five townhouse-style apartment buildings near State St. and Mill Ave. and one commercial building on Main St. The project is the result of a multi-year planning effort to revitalize an old grain mill site near downtown Union Grove. The Granary development has eliminated blighted conditions that existed on these lots and will help support local businesses in the downtown area.

Project Economics
In September 2018, the Village Board approved a development agreement for The Granary, which involved the creation of a tax incremental financing district (TID #5) to help fund the necessary land acquisition, environmental remediation and infrastructure costs associated with the project. The agreement provided that the development will result in $10.0 million of new assessed value and that initial tax increment generated by the development will reimburse the land and infrastructure costs and will provide development incentives of up to $1.3 million (if minimum values are met).

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