This webpage provides information about current and proposed development projects in Union Grove. Visit the Village Meetings page for information about upcoming meetings of the Village Board and Plan Commission.

Current Projects

Canopy Hill (S. Colony Ave. and 58th Rd.)

Canopy Hill is a 160-acre multi-use housing development along U.S. Highway 45, across from Union Grove High School. The development consists of 188 single-family lots, 60 duplex two-story condominium units and 8 ranch condominium units (“The Meadows”), 50 assisted living units, 60 multi-family residential units (“The Oaks”) and 18 acres of undeveloped parkland. The total project is anticipated to have a valuation of $112.8 million. The developer broke ground in summer 2021. To view a Frequently Asked Questions page relating to the Canopy Hill development, click here.

Project Economics/Highlights

  • The ranch townhomes and multi-family buildings will be constructed within Tax Incremental District (TID) Number 4, generating approximately $9.4 million in tax increment that will help reimburse debt incurred from the water and sewer utilities in 2008.
  • 163 single-family lots, 60 duplex townhome units and the assisted living community will be developed in a newly created TID #7. The developer will not receive any up-front incentives but will be reimbursed for the costs of infrastructure from future tax increment generated by the development (up to $22.4 million in reimbursement of verified infrastructure costs).
  • 25 single-family lots will be developed outside of any tax incremental district, generating approximately $10.6 million in assessed value that will go directly onto the tax roll.
  • The developer will donate 18 acres to be used for public parkland that will include a Village-approved trail system constructed by the developer.
  • The development will contribute approximately $1.9 million in impact fees and connection charges to support future utility needs and improvements to parks, library and fire department.
  • The development was conditioned upon Village approval of a storm water management plan and traffic impact analysis.
  • The construction of the development will take place with a phased buildout over the course of approximately eight years.

Project Plans

More Information

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Dunham Grove (69th Dr. east of Shumann Dr.)

In 2018, Pre/3 purchased the western half of the “Fonk property,” a 45-acre parcel located in the southeast corner of Union Grove on 69th Dr., east of Shuman Dr. Dunham Grove is a residential development consisting of 62 single-family homes and 120 multi-family units (10 buildings with 12 units each). Phase 1 of the project started in fall 2019, and it will be comprised of 23 single-family homes and all of the multi-family units. Phase 2 will be constructed at a future time and will include the remaining single-family homes.

Project Economics
The Village Board approved a development agreement on April 22, 2019. It was subsequently amended on August 26, 2019 to reflect additional sidewalks as recommended by the Plan Commission.  Public hearings and zoning approvals took place at meetings held by the Plan Commission and Village Board in May and June 2019. The development agreement was conditioned upon the creation of a tax incremental financing district (TID #6) to fund the infrastructure needed to serve the development. As part of the agreement, the project will achieve a minimum assessed value of $20.7 million by 2023 and an additional value of $14.2 million by 2029. TID #6 is projected to close by 2040, and an expected $34.8 million will be added to the Village’s property tax base. In addition to adding considerable assessed value and new housing options, the project will result in new water and sewer service to the southeast corner of the Village from Highway 11.

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American Metalcraft Expansion (910 Commerce Dr.)

American Metalcraft Industries is a custom metal fabrication company located at 910 Commerce Dr. in Union Grove. In spring 2020, the company approached the Village with plans for expansion on their 3.3 acre property. American Metalcraft had one existing structure (approximately 16,000 square feet) and proposed a new 60’x’80’ building with attached 25’x100′ loading area. The new building will include approximately 4,800 square feet of office space (main level and mezzanine), 8,400 square feet of warehouse/production space and 2,500 square feet of loading area. The expansion will also include newly paved areas for parking, loading and an additional access point to Commerce Dr.

Project Updates
Plan Commission approved a conditional use permit for the new building on June 1, 2020. The company is making plans to proceed with construction.

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Veeco, Inc. Expansion (840 Commerce Dr.)

Veeco, Inc. approached the Village in spring 2021 with plans for expansion on their 3.3 acre property located at 840 Commerce Dr. There is one existing structure (approximately 18,400 square feet) on the property where Rojac operates a tank repair and cleaning business. The new building will be approximately 60’x160′ with a 30’x’30’ loading dock area. It will include approximately 10,500 square feet of warehouse space, to be leased to Bulk Systems. The expansion will also include newly paved areas for parking and loading.

Project Updates
Plan Commission approved a conditional use permit for the new building on April 8, 2021. The company is making plans to proceed with construction.

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