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Whether you are a long-time community member or you are new to Union Grove (welcome!), we hope you will find this guidebook as a handy source for information about all of the municipal services and amenities our community has to offer. Stop by the Village Offices to pick up a copy or click here to view a PDF version.

The information contained in this guidebook is intended to serve as an abbreviated guide and it may not contain the most complete or up-to-date information on a particular topic. Updated versions of this guidebook will be published from time-to-time (the revision date can be found on the front cover). Contact the Village Office for questions at (262) 878-1818 or

If you reside within a homeowner’s association, be sure to check with your association’s rules and bylaws which may be more restrictive than the Village in certain areas. Also note there are some areas outside of Union Grove Village boundaries that also share a “Union Grove” postal address – property owners in these areas should check with their municipality (Village of Yorkville, Town of Dover or Town of Paris) for specific information that applies to them.

We want to thank you for reading the guidebook and we welcome your feedback for additional topics or information that you would find helpful in future editions!


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