On April 27, 2020, the Village Board approved updated vision statements and strategic goals to help guide the direction of the Village organization and our community over the next 10 years.

Updates were made to existing 2020 vision statements, and five new goals were developed based on the results from the 2019 Community Survey. The adopted statements and goals are listed below. Village staff will be working with the Board to identify specific initiatives for furthering these goals and incorporating this information into the annual budget process. Look for progress updates on this webpage.


The Village Board has adopted a community vision statement. This statement is referred to as the Village’s “Commitment” to the future of the community and is presented below. This statement, in concert with the goals and mission statements of the Village, provides a clear indication of local government’s purpose, commitment to the future and the goals it intends to pursue to implement and further its mission and commitment statements.


By the year 2030, Union Grove will be recognized as a vibrant and highly-desirable place to live and raise a family. We will be known as a Village that fosters a strong sense of community, values the safety and contributions of all citizens, makes new residents feel welcomed, collaborates with neighboring communities, offers affordable and high-quality municipal services, encourages an active business community, cherishes its history while claiming its future, and offers all members in the community a quality of life second to none. The community’s vision for the future is supported by controlled, diversified, and complementary growth that continues to provide citizens of all ages with a high quality of life, reasonable cost of living and a safe environment in which to grow, develop and recreate. To achieve our vision, Village government will prioritize five strategic goals.

Strategic Goals

The following strategic goals were established based on feedback submitted by our community members in the 2019 Village-wide Survey. On an annual or recurring basis, the Village Administrator shall work with the Village Board to identify specific objectives aimed at advancing each goal. The strategic goals and objectives shall help guide budgetary decisions and shall be communicated in the annual budget document.

  1. Deliver quality municipal services in an efficient manner with an emphasis on customer service excellence.
  2. Provide safe, functional, well-maintained and cost-effective public infrastructure and recreation amenities.
  3. Protect the safety and security of residents, businesses, employees and visitors.
  4. Foster a strong sense of community and maintain the Village’s “small town” character.
  5. Encourage an attractive environment for business and commerce.


The role of local government, as reflected in the boards, commissions, political leaders, citizen volunteers, and its employees is to develop and carry out detailed plans for the future while providing services that ensure the common good and welfare of Village citizens.

Whenever possible, it is the intent of government not to duplicate services that can be provided more appropriately or effectively by intergovernmental partnerships or private enterprise. It is the mission of all those associated with government in the Village to look for and develop the most cost effective means of providing public services. Beyond being cost effective and efficient, these services must be focused on providing excellence and meeting the assessed needs of citizens. The formal mission statement of the Village of Union Grove, as resolved by the Village Board, is:

“Village government exists to serve its citizens by improving the quality of their lives and by providing for the common good. Citizens are our most important customer. Citizen and community needs are the only reasons Village government exists. As community stewards, we listen and respond to the needs of our stakeholders. We do for them what they can’t do for themselves by facilitating the delivery of needed services consistent with established priorities and the best use of community resources. We build on past successes while planning for future community needs. We conduct the business of government in clear view of our citizens and against the highest set of moral and ethical standards.”


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