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The Village of Union Grove is the recipient of a $100,000 grant from Racine County for the construction of an entertainment stage! The general purpose of the stage will be to help create a sense of community by hosting family-friendly events at a walkable location in Union Grove. Resident participation is involved with helping decide details of the structure, including location, design, features, rules/operations, fundraising and event planning. Look for updates to this webpage ( for more information on this community project!

Project Updates

7/31/19 – On July 29, the Village Board approved a design concept for the stage structure. The concept was recommended by the Design & Bidding Subcommittee, which developed design preferences over the course of four meetings. The Committee identified a shape and approximate dimensions for the structure, and wanted it to complement the existing concession stand building. The Committee also wanted the structure to be relatively open in nature, maintaining sightlines of the park from the road. As the next step in the process, a set of bid documents will be prepared and the Village will solicit bids from qualified contractors. Bids are likely to be presented to the Village Board for consideration in early fall. Meanwhile, the Rules & Governance Subcommittee and Fundraising & Events Subcommittee will be meeting in August to work out more details for the stage.

5/14/19 – At the regular Village Board meeting on May 13, the Board voted unanimously for the stage to be located at School Yard Park in an area southeast of the Kiwanis concession stand and restrooms. The decision was made after several meetings of deliberations and close consideration of a recommendation from the Site Selection Committee to locate the stage at Leider Park. However, after reviewing a variety of factors, including walkability, parking, security, proximity to residents and existing site amenities, the Board ended up on the School Yard Park location. A chart document was prepared by Trustee Ryan Johnson which compared many factors between the two parks., which can be viewed here. The Board also considered a memo report from staff, which can be viewed here. The other project subcommittees will be meeting soon to develop recommendations relating to design/bidding, rules and fundraising.

Kick-off Meeting – February 27, 2019

A community meeting was held on February 27, 2019 at the Union Grove Municipal Center (Community Room) to announce this project and discuss next steps. About 30 residents were in attendance for the meeting. Village President Mike Aimone discussed background information on the project and invited volunteers to sign up for sub-committees to help advise on different aspects of the project. Sub-committees were established for each of the following topics: Design & Bidding, Site Selection, Rules & Governance and Fundraising & Events.

Thank you to all who have continued to be involved with this project!