2023 (payable in 24) TAX PAYMENTS

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For all Racine County municipalities, except the City of Racine, there are two installments allowed:  January 31 and July 31. 1st installments or payments in full are collected by the local municipality prior to February 1st.  2nd installments and delinquent taxes are payable to the Racine County Treasurer, 730 Wisconsin Avenue, in the Courthouse.


IMPORTANT:  If any installment payment is late or short, ALL remaining taxes become due and interest and penalty starts accruing as of February 1st in according to Wisconsin State Statue 74.11(7) & 74.12(7). If this occurs, the installment options for timely payments will no longer be valid.

INTEREST & PENALTY: The interest rate of delinquent taxes is 1% per month and the penalty rate is 0.5% per month, (Total of 1.5% per month) in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 74.47(1) & (2).

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